Supporting First-Generation College Applicants in Jesuit Secondary School Environments
Jesuit Principal’s Cohort Gathering
November 15, 2018


Cubs First Video:

Download the PowerPoint Here:  Liberotti-Presentation-Nov-15-2018

Video Highlights:

How 1st Generation Students Affected Loyola High:

“How do you believe 1st Generation students contribute (or have contributed) to student life at LHS?”

Student and Parent Responses:

Now that you represent the first full cohort of the College Connections class, how do you see this program contribute to student life at LHS?”

Student Responses:

Parent Perspectives:

Administration Perspective:


“As someone that is identified as 1st Generation, how important do you see your story as a point of support for our own 1st Generation students and, possibly, other faculty / staff?”

Student Responses:

Administration Perspective:


“What is your vision for transitioning this program in the next four years?”

Student Perspectives:

Administration Perspectives:


“What are your dreams for your son?”