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Since 1993

Who we are...

The John Malloy Broadcast Club was established in 2015 with an endowment by the Malloy Family in honor of John Malloy (class of 1961), the "Voice of the Cubs."

The club had its beginnings with like minded students who started an ad-hoc broadcasting group primarily broadcasting basketball and volleyball using modified iPads and a free streaming service. Cub alum Tristan Vanech (Class of 2014) founded the group that served as the model/inspiration to the John Malloy Broadcast Club.

Cub alumnus Nicholas Kohler (Class of 2017) started the Sports Broadcast Club with moderator Andrew Uy in 2015 with the premise of broadcasting varsity home games using similar equipment to the previous club. The club was approached by Loyola's advancement department and funded an equipment upgrade that significantly moved the club forward.

In 2016, Brendan Malloy (Class of 1992), representing the Malloy family, approached advancement and established the John Malloy Broadcast Club; an endowment to honor the legacy of his father, John Malloy.

The club was officially named the John Malloy Broadcast Club in September 2016. We are honored to carry his name and legacy.


Next Steps...

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