Agenda, Tech Expo:

  • Introductions-background on the studio, the John Malloy Broadcast Club, and how this all came to be
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Protocols and capabilities
  • Demonstration
  • Finished product examples
  • Questions?

What we have:

  • Room L006 Broadcast Studio-  Capable of video and audio recording, green screen capability, broadcasting live from the studio
  • Newtek Tricaster- Production system, capable of multiple inputs to record or connect to a streaming service
  • JVC HD cameras- We have three HD1080P cameras and one 4K camera
  • Audio recording- For podcasting, We have a Zoom H6 recorder with 4 high quality Shure mics
  • Teleprompter– We have one teleprompter that works with an iPad and teleprompter app for scripted segments

What we can do for you:

  • Help you create video lessons for Canvas
  • Help you with audio podcasting
  • We have a student team of experts in video and audio production
  • We can help edit and do post processing to ensure quality video lessons
  • We can help you with uploading and archiving on the web
  • Your students can use the studio for their video/audio projects

See us at room L003 (Mr. Uy’s science room) or L006 Broadcast room. Contact us via email at or use the contact form on this site: and let’s schedule a session!

Gallery (Some of the things that we can do for/ with you):


Terry Caldwell Green Screen

Caldwell Style Classification of Verbs

Learning Glass: